Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Creating your wardrobe: introduce your accent pieces

Remember that this is supposed to be your wardrobe that you're creating, so it may bear no resemblance to mine. Although I have gradually introduced more neutrals into my own wardrobe, I still love bright colours so my accent pieces, not surprisingly, are bright blue and purple. If you're more of a neutral sort of girl, you may prefer adding lighter neutrals to contrast with the dark neutrals and maybe wear a colourful necklace or pair of ear-rings for a slight touch of colour.
You can see the first few pieces with the white top and shirt in the middle of the picture. I have added in a pair of dark wash denims, two tops in my accent colours, a couple of scarves, a navy cross-body bag and some jewellery. The jeans make this capsule a bit more casual, however you might prefer a skirt, especially if your style personality is romantic or your Feng Shui type is the Pleasure Seeker or Perfectionist.

With two bottoms and four tops, plus a jacket or cardigan, the capsule would make a good starting point for a weekend away or even a week's holiday, maybe adding a pair of heeled shoes or boots and a dressy top for going out to dinner.

The above capsule wardrobe is looking good for me, however I haven't forgotten those of you who look better in warmer colours.
This time I have added a skirt and bag in the same dark neutral, with yellow and orange accents to brighten it up. If you're not really a scarf person, you might want to try tying a scarf to the handle of your bag to add a touch of colour.


  1. Scarves, jackets...gahhh. The heat and humidity where I live, plus the heat I generate now with personal tropical moments--no wonder I can't get pulled together!

    You put together some nice polyvores for both warm and cool coloring which are helpful.

  2. As always, Robin, you made me smile with your comment: personal tropical moments! If you enjoy wearing dresses, they are perfect for heat and humidity and can make you look pulled together with the right accessories (scarves aren't essential!) Most days during the summer months I wear linen trousers or skirts with lightweight tops..

  3. I love wearing dresses, although I sometimes think I am too yang in personality for the easy summer dresses I would like to wear. However, since I'm usually assisting my elderly mother when I'm out (doing a lot of bending to pick up oxygen tanks or stuff she has dropped, etc., I find skirts and dresses less practical. I've been looking for linen trousers. I like that idea. Do you find they wrinkle?