Monday, 9 June 2014

Flower power

I've shown you my favourite patterns - polka dots and stripes - but I do have a couple of other patterned pieces in my wardrobe, most of which I've owned for several years. Here is the outfit that I wore to the theatre on Saturday night:

Flower power seemed an appropriate title for my outfit, as the event in the theatre was a concert from the 70s and 80s, with music by Queen and Abba as well as Spanish singers from that era. The pattern is probably a bit large for me, but it's a beautifully made blouse and I enjoy wearing it.

More flowers: this time one is pinned on my lapel plus I'm wearing a floral patterned dress, which I wore to my niece's wedding last year. The pattern on this dress is a bit more subdued than the one above so more suitable for a petite.

Here's the white jacket again, making its third appearance in my blog this month. It first appeared worn over one of my spotted dresses in the "Spots before my eyes" post, in case you can't remember it.

The photo above shows John and I receiving an award of a lovely painting for our support of the Ruta del Vino and local businesses. The painting is hanging on the wall just above our PC and we were surprised and delighted to receive this recognition from our local Spanish community.

Finally, a photo of my son Mark helping me celebrate my wedding to John, just over five years ago. I chose a floral dress rather than polka dots or stripes - perhaps subconsciously I wanted to choose a slightly different dress from my usual style for such a special occasion.  Plus John liked it when he saw it in a shop in Murcia city, so it was obviously a winner!

PS Earlier in the day I had worn a jacket over this dress. No prizes for guessing which one it was!