Monday, 17 February 2014

Packing for British weather

The weather in Jumilla (where we live in Spain) has been changeable over the last couple of weeks, with some lovely sunny days followed by occasional rain and chilly, overcast days.  I suspect that the weather we will face during our forthcoming trip to the UK won't be any better - and no doubt it will be a lot colder.

We are flying to Edinburgh on Sunday then spending a few days in Scotland, so my husband John can revisit his childhood haunts. After that we will be travelling by train to London, where John will be celebrating his 70th birthday on 1st March with friends and family.

I am currently working out what clothes to pack. As you can see below, my winter coat, several of my thicker tops and a couple of cardigans to layer will definitely be on my packing list.

My travelling outfit - if it's cold when we leave I may wear a different top
I try to look smart when I'm travelling, but for me comfort is even more important. Of course it's essential to wear comfortable footwear, as it's amazing how far you have to walk in some airports!

Warm tops and a skirt for the evening
Hopefully I will be able to wear this skirt when we go out for dinner, but if it's too cold for that and I have to wear trousers instead, it doesn't take up too much space. We have decided to pay for cases in the hold, which is a bit of a luxury, so I don't have to limit the amount of clothes I take on this trip anyway.  We need to leave room though for any birthday presents that John may receive!

My new dress for John's birthday party, plus a colourful knitted jacket to brighten up
any dreary winter days
I am packing this cosy dress with a statement necklace and will wear it with a pair of heels for John's party. The shoes shown are very comfortable for walking in, so will be a good alternative to my boots. The light scarf can be rolled up and packed in one of my shoes, though space won't be an issue on this holiday.

Grey wool trousers, navy jeans and a navy down jacket
My jacket is lightweight but very warm, so ideal for when we go out walking during the day-time. I will alternate the grey trousers and navy jeans.

Four more tops, with a common theme
I haven't made a final decision on what top to wear for travelling, as it depends on the weather. I am hoping to wear the pink top in the first picture as it is fairly light (which means it can be hand-washed) with a navy cardigan over it,  the pair of grey trousers and some grey boots. If it's not cold in Spain, I will carry my coat. As we won't be landing in Edinburgh until  nearly 7pm, I suspect that I will need to keep it handy for putting on as soon as we leave the airport!

I nearly forgot! The most essential item for any trip to the UK, which will be kept tucked away in my handbag, is my trusty umbrella.


  1. Brolly and willies too, from the sound of it. You are so right about having to hike through airports. My travel shoes have to slip on and off easily and be good for a long walk. I've got a pair of Easy Spirit dressy not-quite trainers in black but am looking for something in a different color now.

    The capsule looks lovely and cheerful--nice colors on you too.

  2. You need to cover all seasons at the moment, especially doing Scotland and London. Hope you have a great trip though.

  3. Thank you both. Robin, I don't actually own any wellies at the moment, though I will be taking a pair of boots. I may need to invest in a pair though if the weather is very bad! As Jacqui knows, we don't get a lot of rain in Spain, though when it does rain it can be torrential - so they would be handy for when we return though they're not essential.

  4. And there are a lot of very stylish, pretty wellies these days, not like when we were if you lived in the city, green for the country. Now, you can co-ordinate your wellies with your outfit.

  5. My only problem with wellies, Jacqui, is that my legs aren't exactly slender (I have runner's calf syndrome after years of running!) I tried on a lovely pair in a local shop but they didn't look good. There should be a wider choice in the UK though!

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  7. Great selections. In the last photo you show several different striped tops. Did you make them? I love the green and navy one and the navy and red one in particular.

  8. Thanks, Nancy. Unfortunately I'm not that talented! The green and navy one I bought from Banana Republic in London. I had booked a personal consultation and though I wasn't looking for another striped top (I already had the other two), the personal shopper brought it as she thought it would suit me - and it was in the sale, so voilá! The red and navy one was also a sales purchase, Sfera in El Corte Ingles department store in Murcia