Wednesday, 19 June 2013

At last - the final travel wardrobe!

Here is my final travel wardrobe - well, almost! I had my clothes neatly laid out on the bed in the spare room, ready to pack, and took the photo of them that you can see below. I then decided that I only needed one cardigan as I had several long-sleeved tops so I removed the light one. I also realised that the stone trousers would show the dirt too easily so replaced them with a navy striped pair.  I had already decided to take my navy trench-coat, which I carried onto the plane, ready to put it on as soon as we landed in Newcastle. Yes, the forecast for northern England and Scotland was a lot cooler than here in Spain, so I was planning to wear several layers to keep warm.

I eventually packed eight tops, one cardigan and four bottoms to cover my twelve day holiday. I had the luxury of a case in the hold, as I also had to pack the dress and jacket that I was going to wear to my niece's wedding. The next photo shows my wedding outfit, which wasn't exactly practical for a sight-seeing holiday in Scotland! As you can see it was a lovely day, so we decided to stroll beside the deer park before the evening festivities began.

The white shoes that I wore for the wedding were, not surprisingly, only worn for the one day.  I had trainers for going on long walks, a pair of green shoes that I wore in the day-time when we were sight-seeing and some navy shoes to wear when we went out for dinner at night. I also packed a lightweight (and crush-proof!) jacket that was destined to be my top layer - and several scarves, which helped to brighten up my navy trench-coat when I wore it in the evening.

If I had just been going on holiday, and hadn't had a family wedding to attend, I would probably have travelled lighter. Having said that, as we stayed in five different hotels and B&Bs, I only managed to wash a couple of tops and underwear in one location, drying them on a radiator in our hotel when we went out for dinner. 

How many clothes do you take on holiday? Do you wear them all (I did!) and do they cover all eventualities? The one item that I wore the most on my holiday was my pair of navy jeans - now there's a surprise!


  1. What a nice and colorful selection! All the colors look like they are very flattering for you. I have a trip in July with 5 days at Lake Tahoe and 5 in S. California. Very different climates I think but I'll check the weather when we get closer in time. We only pack a carry on each so there will be laundry!

  2. Juhli, I deliberately chose my favourite colours as I reckoned that if the weather was a bit dreary it would cheer me up! I plan to do some hand washing if we are staying more than a couple of days in one place, but on this trip we were moving nearly every day so I only managed to do laundry once - just enough so that I didn't run out of clean clothes!

  3. Great selections! I'd add that if you plan to be on the move a lot, pack silk or silk-like tops which will dry in just a few hours (sometimes when you're out to dinner!)

  4. I'm still working on this packing thing when I travel. I plan my outfits, utilizing multiple tops and few bottoms, and think I've done a good job. But when I get to my destination, I find I'm not happy with my limited choices. Guess I have more mental work to do. I'm impressed by your ability to pack so well!

  5. Thanks for the good tip, Robin. I did have some very lightweight tops that I wore at the beginning of my holiday and these were the ones that I washed and dried in one of the hotels.

    Laura, I used to be very disorganised when packing for holidays and I think this is the first holiday where I wore everything that I had packed! A couple of pretty scarves and some bright jewellery helped to ring the changes and stop me being bored with my choices.