Sunday, 3 March 2013

FABruary Style Challenge Wrap

Thanks to Imogen of Inside Out Style for issuing her Style Challenge.  It made February a fabulous, fun month, although it proved extra challenging for me because of several reasons: I have reduced my wardrobe considerably since doing Project 333; I am also doing Colours and Numbers, which involves wearing specific colours on each day; I was on holiday for a week during February, which limited the clothes I had to choose from!

Imogen has done a summary of the challenge, asking the participants several questions, which I have decided to answer below.

What I want to know now is what did you discover?

I discovered that it is fun to try out different combinations and that just because I am over 60, it doesn't mean that I can't try out new trends.

Will you be wearing outfits that you created during the FABruary challenge that you've otherwise not worn before?
I have had many positive comments about the different outfits, and will definitely  be wearing many of them again.
How much of your wardrobe did you use?  How much still didn't get a look in (seasonal items excepted)?
I would say about 80 - 90% of my winter wardrobe, bearing in mind how I've cut back on my winter clothes.
Did it make it easier or harder for you to get dressed each day having a ‘plan’ of sorts?
It wasn't difficult - apart from having to pack for a holiday during February and balance doing the challenge with choosing suitable clothes for my holiday.
How did the people around you react to your style challenge outfits?
I did receive several compliments, and my poor husband occasionally complained about having to be the official photographer every day!
Which was your favourite day?
Day 27 - Sheer.  I had thrown out my few sheer tops when I started Project 333, on the basis that they were the wrong colours for me and didn't look good on an Over 60. My plan was to wear sheer tights on this day, but I went into a shop with my husband the day before and I couldn't resist buying this new top!

Did you enjoy seeing other people’s outfits?
Yes, because it gave me lots of new ideas plus it was fascinating to see how other people interpreted the challenge each day.
The good news is that Imogen plans another challenge for us all in a couple of months' time.  In the meantime, I will continue with Colours and Numbers.  My next task though is to pack for a long weekend in the UK, as I am visiting my family in London for Mother's Day. I think I will be taking my warmest clothes! 


  1. Well done you for completing the challenge, it was fun checking out your different outfits and the way you had to interpret the challenge with the limitations of your wardrobe.

    Tell hubby he did a good job as photographer.

  2. Thanks, Jacqui. I wasn't sure whether I would make it at one stage, so was very pleased to have done so!