Thursday, 3 January 2013

One pair of trousers: how many different looks?

I decided to see how many different outfits I could create using just one pair of trousers out of my 33 items of clothing and wearing them with different tops and cardigans.  The trousers are navy, which is one of my core colours.  Here are some of the possible permutations:




I've shown eight outfits above, but I have another four tops that could be worn with the navy cardigan and trousers.  With all of these outfits I could wear my grey casual jacket instead of the cardigan. For an even more casual look I could replace the navy trousers with navy jeans, which means I have already created 48 different outfits using just 16 out of my 33 items of clothing.

Accessories can totally change the look of your outfit. You may decide to look casual or you may prefer a more sophisticated look. I have to say that most of the time I go for a casual look - and comfort!

My everyday bags
Shoes and boots for trousers
I enjoy wearing jewellery and have many different colours to choose from!  A selection of my necklaces is shown below.  Most days I will wear a necklace, though sometimes I will choose a scarf instead and maybe put on a bracelet.  This can also create a slightly different outfit, to add to the variety of your looks.  Initially I thought only 33 items would limit me: instead, I feel it is giving me limitless possibilities.  What do you think?

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