Saturday, 6 October 2012

My wardrobe of 33 items for the next 3 months

These are the 33 items of clothing and accessories that are either hanging up in my wardrobe or nestling at the bottom of it at the moment. They will, in theory, last me for the next 3 months. I am cheating a bit, as there are a couple of light short-sleeved tops and lightweight trousers there that will be replaced by thicker clothes when it gets colder. Wish me luck!




Sharp-eyed regular readers may have realised that the clothes shown aren't identical to the ones on the list in my previous post!  There are good reasons for this:

1.  My coat is in the dry-cleaners having the sleeves shortened. When I tried it on during my wardrobe purge I realised that the sleeves were a bit long, however if they were the right length it would be perfect.  It's still not cold enough in Spain to wear my coat, but I will be taking it to the UK and will then include it in my 33 once it gets colder here.

2.  I haven't included my red jumper, again because it is too hot to wear it at the moment;

3.  I haven't included my black heels, as for every day wear I usually wear trousers and flat shoes.  They will be going to the UK though as I plan to wear my skirt while I am there, and I will wear them for dressy occasions on my return.

The three additions are a light green top, a short-sleeved black top and a lightweight blue cardigan, which will be replaced by the above items when I go on my trip at the end of the month.

Do you think that the above 33 items would provide enough variety for you to manage with just these clothes over three months?


  1. I LOVE the second pair of shoes ... what about those gorgeous ballerina pumps you had on last Friday? Do they count as one of your 33, Sue? They were foxy!!!!

    But I DO like the idea of this challenge and may well have to give it a go!!!!

  2. The ballerina pumps were from my visit to Banana Republic in London - and I will definitely be putting them into my 33! The challenge proved rewarding in several ways. It made me go through my existing wardrobe ruthlessly and throw away clothes that didn't fit me or didn't suit me or were past their best. This left me with a few good clothes that I enjoy wearing. It also revealed some gaps that I am filling with clothes and accessories that I love - like the newly purchased ballerinas!