Friday, 14 September 2012

The Uncommon Wardrobe

Janice, of "The Vivienne Files" fame, has been blogging recently about what she calls "A Common Wardrobe".  Her idea is very simple but also good fun: she has taken the same basic wardrobe items and dressed them up in many different ways using themes such as romance, hot pink, blue eyes, amber etc.  I love the way a few well-chosen and colourful accessories can brighten up the basics.

If you feel that your own wardrobe needs revitalising but you can't afford to spend a small fortune on new clothes, then why not look at how you combine your existing clothes and especially what accessories you wear with them?  I find that I tend to wear the same tops with the same trousers or skirts and use the same accessories with them each time. It stops me having to think too much about what I wear, but it does get a bit monotonous.  No wonder I get bored with my clothes and am tempted to buy new ones!

I don't own all of the items that Janice shows in her common wardrobe - I'm not keen on polo necks and only have a couple of shirts - but you can see my own versions of her basics below.  The accessories that I have shown are all in red, mainly because Janice seems to have avoided that colour in her collections!




For other colour themes, I suggest that you click on the link to "The Common Wardrobe" to see the many great ideas Janice has for livening up your wardrobe.  My favourite is the amber theme - I'm sure it will go well with all my basics too.  Now which on-line shopping website shall I look at first?!


  1. Thanks. You got me motivated to do a closet overhaul!

  2. Good to hear that, as Janice inspired me to do the same! As I am a bit of an impulse shopper, my target for autumn/winter 2012 is to make sure that any new purchases will go with my existing basics and buy accessories that will add some fun to my outfits.