Thursday, 28 July 2016

Discovering your best looks

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know that I'm always looking for ways to look chic, to find out which colours flatter me the most and to generally become a more stylish over-60 woman. A tall order you may think, considering I'm just over 5' tall and not as slim as I was - not to mention the wrinkles!

Once we're over 60, assuming we want to look our best while avoiding the "mutton dressed a lamb" tag, most of us need to re-evaluate our wardrobes. The trigger is often when we've retired and realise that we have a wardrobe full of outfits suitable for working, but not what we'd choose to wear on a daily basis now that we're not bound by office rules.

My own wardrobe has gradually changed since we moved to Spain eight years ago: for a start, I need a lot more summer clothes than I did when we lived in London! As well as following the 7 Steps to Style system and joining the Looking Stylish Style Club, I have gleaned lots of helpful information from other bloggers. On a personal level, I really value the comments on my own blog, which help me to understand what outfits look good on me and which ones are a bit blah! During the 30 Chic Days challenge, these were the outfits that received favourable comments.

Coral definitely suits me
Slimming lines with navy

A deep warm red
A neutral look

Another neutral look - for evening
In the past, I've posted photos of myself wearing warm colours and cool colours, asking my readers which they thought suited me the best. From their feedback, I would say that warm looks better than cool on me, however I'm ok in some cooler shades. I now have to avoid too bright colours, which tend to wear me (though when I was in my 30s and even in my 40s I could get away with them). Icy shades are a definite no-no too as are paler colours. I have learnt that as an over-60 year old I look better in warm, soft and deep colours. Remember that as we age our colouring tends to change, so don't assume that what suited you in your 40s will still flatter you.

All of these outfits consist of straight or slim leg trousers plus tops. I posted a photo of myself in culottes, which was given a definite thumbs down! If you're taller and slimmer than me, though, you probably look fabulous in culottes.

I love colour, however I'm best in neutrals or with just one colour in my outfit as I'm low colour contrast, though I'm also high value contrast so can wear both light and dark shades of the same colour. In my evening look, although the outfit is mainly neutral, I'm wearing an orange camisole (which you can just see) with matching earrings. In the first three looks, I'm wearing a pendant to draw the eyes down and (hopefully!) make me look slimmer. Once I've decided what clothes to wear, I've learnt to evaluate an outfit and see what accessories will finish it off, whether it's a splash of colour, a long pendant or a scarf in a flattering shade.

What about you? You may prefer wearing dresses, or might look better in brighter, cooler colours. Taking photos is helpful if you want to discover your best looks - you can see things that you don't spot when you look in a mirror. Take note when friends compliment you (like I take note of favourable comments on my blog), especially when they mention how well you look or how a colour suits you. If they say "I love that dress", it may just be because it's a colour or style that would suit them, so be wary.

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