Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Fashion Feng Shui: The Pioneer

In Feng Shui Fashion we aren't just concerned with our physical appearance, although obviously it has a major role to play, but we are also thinking about our essence and our intention.  The Pioneer or Wood elemental type usually has cool colouring, with ash-toned hair, blue or green eyes and olive skin. They have strong brows and jawline, a rectangular-shaped body and wear sporty or casual clothing.

Pioneers are usually competitive, energetic people and don't like to sit still doing nothing.  They enjoy going to gyms, spas and parks and their hobbies include coaching, exercise, travel and hiking. Pioneers enjoy arguing and debating issues and are good ideas people and initiators, often leaving the detailed work for other people to follow up. You may be a Pioneer if you enjoy getting things done and need your daily exercise fix. Many Pioneers become lawyers, athletes, coaches. trainers or sales people.

What clothes should you wear if you are a Wood type? Your best colours are cool neutrals, sapphire, jade plus other blues and greens. Your style is sporty and casual, with athletic details like zips and hoods plus sporty accessories such as back-packs. You look your best in slim trousers and jeans, vertical lines and very little waist definition. Plant-based patterns such as florals are good and natural fabrics like linen and cotton suit you.

Even if you are not a Wood type, you may want to incorporate some Wood elements into your clothing when you need to take action to achieve your goals, especially if they are health and growth-oriented, or you would like to be more competitive.

If you don't look like a Pioneer physically but you are competitive, enjoy being busy and you value freedom of movement, then use Wood elements in your dress to express who you are. My appearance is more like a Pioneer than the other four Feng Shui Fashion types, which may explain why I am wearing a green t-shirt with stone coloured linen trousers today!